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Alright guys here’s the translation you’ve all been waiting for. If you spot any spelling or grammar errors (like missing words) let me know since it’s possible I may have missed some while proof reading. I tend to translate things directly so sorry if there are spots that sound awkward. Anyway enjoy!

April 22nd
Today is my birthday.

Although, it’s a week day so I have to work.
I who woke up earlier than usual, finished eating breakfast and hung out with Ren together in my room until it was time to leave for work. It was still too early to leave for work but there wasn’t enough time to do something so I just laid on my bed and checked the news and stuff with my coil. While looking at my coil, I change my posture and grimace as I feel a stinging sensation down my back.


Since yesterday was the starting day for reservations for a new product, I sat at the counter all day receiving telephone calls without making deliveries so it seems my shoulders is a little stiff. As I go to massage my shoulder, I remember something. Now that I mention it.

“Hey, Ren.”

Ren who was sitting on the bed reading a magazine raised his head and turned to look at me.

“Before, you gave me a shoulder massage ticket for my birthday right? Is that still valid?”

“Yeah, anytime.”

“Then can I ask (that of you)?”

“Right now?”

“Yeah. My shoulder is a little stiff.”

When I get up I sit facing my back to Ren. Ren looked bewildered but he put the magazine down and put both hands on my shoulder.

“… Do I just hit your shoulders like this?”

“Yep! Lightly grasp your hands into a fist.”

As I said, Ren took note to make a fist and began to hit my shoulders. A soft vibration resounded from my shoulder. But… maybe a little harder might be better.

“Mmm. You can do it a little harder.”

“It doesn’t hurt?”

“Not at all.”

“…. I see.”

Unsure, Ren began to hit my shoulders harder while being bewildered. I finally start to feel the stiffness in my muscles loosen up and close my eyes at the nice feeling.

“Is this right?”

“Yeah… maybe a little more toward the top.”


“Ah, yeah, right there”

Since Ren learns fast, it seems he got the hang of shoulder massaging. I become entranced by the vibrations as it’s just the right strength, not to weak or too painful. It feels pretty good to have someone massage your shoulders. Although I say that, I’m the one in charge of massage Grandma’s shoulders so I’ve never really had someone do it to me before. Normally I don’t pay attention to the stiffness in my body but this is nice from time to time. Actually Ren is really good at it. Like this instead of just asking for my shoulders maybe it might be good to have him do my entire back.

“Hey Ren, if you want can you do other places too?”

“What do you mean other places?”

“Right now it’s the shoulders right? Like my back or my hip. I’ll lay down.”

“I don’t mind”


At least for today it should be alright for me to act spoiled. In front of Ren I rolled over on the bed.

“I just need to massage your back?”

“Yeah, you can try all sorts of things”


Ren soon started massaging my back. But perhaps he was still bewildered that his hand movement was unrefined and the strength was a little weak. When I turn to look towards Ren, he was honestly sitting properly/formally (on his legs like) next to me, reaching his arm out in a way that looked difficult.

“Isn’t it hard to do it in that position?”

“I can’t say this isn’t an easy way to do it”

“You can do it better you know”


When Ren stopped his hand, he looked at me troubled.

“In order to do this in an easier posture, I would have to put my weight on Aoba or get on you.”

“It’s fine isn’t it?”

“That’s heavy though.”

“Not at all. Don’t worry about that right now.”

As Ren muttered “Sorry” while giving an apologetic look, he noted and straddled on my hip. He’s probably not putting much weight on me. I don’t really feel anything heavy. Once Ren decided a fixed position, he once again started pushing my back. Compared to earlier, the strength was more concrete as he put pressure on my muscles.

“How is it?”

“Yeah, you’re good you’re good. It feels good~. You can do it a little harder.”

“Like this?”

“Ah, owowowow”

“…. Sorry”

When I raised my voice as he put his finger on the area where the muscles were especially hardened, Ren immediately stopped.

“It seems I put in too much strength.”

“No no. During a massage, pain means that that’s where it’s bad. Mainly, you want to loosen it with massaging.”


“Yep. While it will hurt if you massage/grind too much but a little bit is just fine.”

“Alright. I’ll give it a try.”

Ren began to once again press against my back. This time he put on enough pressure that it felt good that without realizing it, my voice leaked out like it was pushed out.

“Ah~… Good”

While thinking it was like an old man in the bath, whether changing the strength based on my reaction, my voice keeps coming out as Ren becomes more skillful. Since it seemed like my circulation was getting better, it feels like my body temperature is rising.

“Ah, right there…. Uh….”

“…. Ah….”


“Mm…. Uuu…”

When I moaned while he was pushing my body, Ren stopped moving. I looked at him unsatisfied as if being woken from a really good dream, Ren looked at me with an expression like he couldn’t endure. He pursed his lips like he was wanted to say something.

“…. Aoba”


“Uhm, is this really the correct way?”

“What is?”

“What you call a massage.”

“Yeah, it was the perfect strength so it felt really good.”


“What’s the matter?”

Ren turned his face away unusually restless. The side of his face looked like his cheeks were red.

“I never really took notice during my time as an allmate but when I interact as a human… there’s a lot differences in free will.”

“? What do you mean?”

“… No don’t worry about it.”

“C’mon, it makes me curious.”

Since Ren tries to dodge me, I try to hold on. In extending the spoiledness, it’s all right to be selfish once in a while right… Te. Huh? If it’s my birthday does that mean it’s Ren’s too?

“Hey. Today is also Ren’s birthday right?”

“It would certainly be that way.”

Ren was originally a part of my personality so it would become that way. If it’s like that then I can’t be the only one spoiled.

“Ren, do you have anything that you want?”

“Something that I want?”

“You can have me do something you want. If you hope for something, don’t hold back and say it”

Ren was silent as if thinking a little but gently turned his neck left and right. (aka shook his head)

“If Aoba says that, that’s all I need”

“Then that would be no different from the usual. From time to time you should be I say spoiled or selfish, anyway anything is fine so try to say something.”


Ren once again became silent and after a longer period of time than last, he looked at me.

“Then… can I say just one thing?”

“Yeah. What is it?”

“Aoba is always stroking my hair right?”


I couldn’t lose the habit I had when Ren was an allmate so I still ruffle his hair even now.

“I want to do that to Aoba too… is that all right?”

“… Huh?”

“Aoba is always happy when you do it so I was interested in what it would feel like.”


I thought it was a joke but Ren had a serious look. The feeling that he gathered up the courage to say that overwhelms me. Rather… I didn’t think that kind of answer would come from him so I was taken a little a back. When I stroked his hair so that it was ruffled up, I had times where I thought Ren might not like it but… in reality, he just wanted to try it. But if it’s something to that degree then it’s not a problem. It’s trivial.

“It’s fine. Ruffle it up as much as you like. But it doesn’t have to be on our birthday, you can do it anytime…”

“Then can I touch it?”

“Yes you may.”

Ren looked at me seriously, he gently reached out and touched my hair. He moved his fingertips a little bit so that he mixed my hair. It’s a little ticklish.

“You can be a little more rough.”

“I see…”

This time he made a slightly bigger movement as he mixed my hair, then he stopped. He looked at me whose hair was ruffled up, he had a face that looked deeply moved for some reason.

“This is…”

“It’s weird isn’t it? It’s all ruffled.”


Ren stopped talking while continuing to look at me and then slowly began to continue talking.

“Aoba in this condition… I like it”


I didn’t understand what he meant for a minute and frowned. This condition means he likes my hair all ruffled up? That’s … how is that? Well I also mix Ren’s hair so I can’t really say… While being in a complex mental state I look at Ren… he’s red again.


“In other words… the condition where Aoba’s hair is ruffled is different from the usual so I think it’s cute.”

“…. What are you talking about?”

I said it without thinking. Even though he says it’s cute when my hair is in a ruffled condition… I’m not quite sure what point Ren reacted to but I guess it doesn’t matter. Since today is also his birthday.

“It doesn’t have to be on our birthday, if you want to do it again you can.”


As I said that, I smiled and mixed up Ren’s hair with both hands. Ren’s hair was to the point that it was finely ruffled.


“Now we match”

When I said that, Ren who was blinking in surprise immediately smiled. I drew in that head and put our foreheads together.

“Happy Birthday Ren.”

“….. Happy Birthday Aoba”

“Also…. Sei and the other me.”


Ren and Sei and the other me. Everyone was born together and an important existence to me. Because everyone was there that the me right now is here. It would be good if Sei and the other me…. Were happy about our birthday.

“… By the way Aoba, shouldn’t you be leaving the house now or it would be bad?”

“Eh… Ah!”

I’m horrified as I look at the clock. While taking it easy, suddenly the time to get to work was barely enough.

“This is bad! I’m going! See you later!”

“See you. Be careful”

As I accept Ren’s voice while facing my back to him, I grab my bag and bolted out the room. Tonight we’ll be having Grandma’s special dinner and cake so I’m looking forward to dinner. Today that started out as usual and the “Special (time)” that will be a little different awaited, I’m thankful. I ran down the usual road towards Heibon.

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