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This blog is ultimately a personal blog! As of right now it has sort of become a Nitro+Chiral blog since that's my obsession... oops

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Some more dmmd 69 min doodles

(the first was coffee and the second is military uniforms)


Did a few lazy DMMD sketches that ill probably revisit in the future but for now have some Koujack~


Drama CD Spoilers

Artist: ソラオ


Drama CD Spoilers

Artist: ソラオ


forest AU vitri uqu…


quick update!

I made two new pages for easier access:

  • the cds page has available download links and translations for soundtracks and drama cds
  • the second page is a two parter (because apparently 5 is the max number of pages one can add on tumblr) 
    1. a list of things that haven’t been translated yet or I can’t find the translations for. so if you have time and can translate, that would be awesome (I made this page because I’ve been asked for translations and I can’t translate :( but I don’t want those requests to just be forgotten)
    2. a short stories list

let me know if there’s stuff that isn’t there but should be or if you spot a broken link!

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